“Within the first minute of opener “Moving On”, the main and harmony vocals from guitarist Joe Di Taranto tell the story - warm, inviting and with that slight King’s X meets Into Eternity against AOR feel, Warmachine just know how to capture your attention not just with strong riffing, timing and arrangements. Other songs contain those rich soothing twin guitar lines that remind me of many European brethren like Accept, Iron Maiden or possibly latter day American act Riot - “Chalk Lines And Bones” being the classic example of those hooks, while the follow up “Alive” flashes a little bit of their technical knowledge as the high melodies match the musical muscular bite. ” — Matt Coe, Eternal

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, WARMACHINE is a promising, young four-piece power/thrash metal band that strives to carry the torch of this coveted genre. Their music consists of incorporating classic heavy metal influenced riffs, intertwining them with tasteful, catchy dual guitar melodies and harmonies, along with exceptional soloing that mirrors the very best of what true-to-heart heavy metal has to offer. Established in 1994 by Joe Di Taranto (vocals, lead/rhythm guitars), WARMACHINE has come an extremely long way since their humble beginnings. Their 2001 demo was critically acclaimed and extremely successful, despite the lack of backing or promotion from a record label. Said demo also awarded WARMACHINE as one of the “Top Ten Unsigned Bands” courtesy of metal media giant Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine (BW&BK). With the release of this demo the band gained a very large and loyal fan base spanning the globe.

In late 2004 the band entered the studio to record their debut album, which was co-produced by Murray Daigle (Emerald Rain/Cauterize) and David Ellefson (former Megadeth bassist). “The Beginning of the End” debuted in Feb. 2006, and was an extremely successful release. It is considered by many in the metal word as a “new classic”. The album was a hit with North American radio, reviewers the world over, and metal fans everywhere. The album hit #3 on HMV’s “Top Metal Albums” Chart for over 10 consecutive weeks. Certainly “The Beginning of the End has assisted in heralding WARMACHINE as one of Canada’s most respected true metal bands.
Having now recorded their second full length album “Left for Dead”, WARMACHINE are currently in search of a new record label. Whilst perfecting their unique sound, the band has created a truly incredible album. Filled with infectious melodies and enormously heavy grooves, “Left for Dead” is a modern metal masterpiece that is destined for great success.
Chris Bruni
(Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles)
Joe Joe


Joe is Warmachine’s fouding member and primary song writer. His soulful singing and pounding riffs are what set the band apart from all the rest.


Johnny is a true virtuoso. His melodic leads and unique style have become a staple of Warmachine’s signature sound.



Alberto is the backbone of Warmachine’s music. His incredible playing and stellar musicianship are what make him the band’s driving force. Alberto is also the bass man for Annihilator. played bass for bands as Plan C, Big Fat Zero, The Red Peppers and others


Sitting behind the drums is Darren Smith. He grew up in Nova Scotia, the east coast of Canada, and has been drumming since age 10.He has toured the world with several bands, and has recorded drums for hundreds of songs. During his early professional career Darren also was also a cruise ship drummer, completing 7 contracts. He has performed many different styles of music. .A founding member of Harem Scarem he provided the back beat for the group from 1988 up until 2000. Darren is also an excellent vocalist and plays the guitar....