How To Keep Your Dog From Being Scared While Your Band Is Rehearsing

While your band is rehearsing, you can’t blame your dog if it is hiding under the table because the pet is scared. It is possible it is bothered by all the noise so you know that you must do something to keep them comfortable while the rehearsal is ongoing. One way to do that would be to let the dog play with all the stuff toys in your arsenal. There can be a lot of cool things the dog can play with. Besides, you know the dog would want to play with those things even though the pet knows they are not real. We all know dogs are smart animals so they can distinguish real from fake ones. Another thing to do would be to massage the dog. There are a lot of different doggie massage techniques that you can learn just by watching videos on the Internet. When that happens, you know that this is one thing that you would want to do for the long haul. You can give the dog a massage on the tummy and on the neck. It likes a good massage on the legs too and you know the pet likes the massage when it is wagging its tail. Since you are massaging your pet, there is no need to put oil on its skin. A nice dry massage would do and in a matter of time, the pet would fall asleep, You should give yourself a pat on the back for accomplishing a feat like that.

One splendid way to keep them comfortable would be to turn on the TV at another room then put the dog there. Of course, the dog will just watch whatever is on the tube so better keep it entertaining. It must be something that the dog would want to watch. One thing the dog would want to watch is a movie about pets. There are some nice cartoons too about doggie cartoon characters. They can also relate to a cartoon character like Scooby Doo who is actually a detective. It goes to show how dogs have a lot of special talents. It is cool how a dog can be part of a gang composed mostly of humans. it is no surprise how Scooby Doo is the main character there and everyone is just a supporting cast. In the end, Scooby is the one who takes out the bad guy while the rest solve the mystery. Even if the dog does not know what is going on in the cartoon, it is good for a few laughs. That should make the dog feel comfortable while you are practicing with the band. It is true how there really is no time limit to what you are doing so better not disturb your dog as the pet would want your attention a lot more than what you think. In addition, better let the dog play with the dogs of the neighbors. It is great for your dog to also have a lot of friends.

Is It Worth Getting A Dog As A Professional Musician?

Being a professional musician is pretty stressful. There is pressure from other musicians, fans, and the media to be good in your future albums. If you don’t produce good music, you can easily get overtaken by new artists. Thus, you must have something that would calm you down and the best way to do it would be to own a dog. A dog is a man or woman’s best friend. There is no reason to think you won’t be happy whenever you bring your dog. You can bring your dogs anywhere as long as you keep them in a crate. Of course, you must train the dog so that your pet would know how to act when it is inside a dog crate. Besides, it is the best way for the dog to travel when riding on an aircraft.

The staff must know how to take care of the pet though so that it won’t barf during the entire plane ride. If humans barf during the flight, then dogs will most likely do the same. It is a good thing there are certain rules to follow when taking your dog inside a crate. Being a professional musician that you are, that is the first thing you must attend to when you land in wherever place you want to go. After all, your pet can’t afford to be there for a long time or it would feel pretty lonely.

It is not only worth it to get a dog. Loving an animal is a great feeling as it will certainly love you back. Humans can stab you in the back when the time is right but that is something dogs would never do. They will stand by your side no matter what happens even if you don’t know what to do next. Being a professional musician. you know you are going to encounter a ton of problems like fans bashing you on social media and paparazzi showing up where you would least expect them to. If you choose to have a guard dog, the pet would chase those pesky photographers away and it may even discourage them to come back. There is probably no concert venue that will disallow you to bring pets.

It would be a different story when it is time to go on stage and perform in front of all your fans even though it would be alright to bring the dog to your press conference. The dog can watch the big monitor right back at the dressing room while being guarded by your family and friends. Better make sure the dog will not go anywhere though. Your pet may get lost if the concert venue is pretty big. When your fans want to get an autograph, they may also want to get a picture with your dog if it looks pretty cute. Hence, better dress it up with your own merchandise so that your pet is always ready for the attention of your ever-loving fans.