The Appeal of a Heavy Metal Poster

When you see a heavy metal poster, do you think death and destruction and bad taste? Or do you think about beautiful women with perfect bodies and hearts that are being destroyed in the middle of a storm by evil malevolence? Perhaps you think about evil robots with distorted faces that is going to take over the world and rule the future. There are a lot of images like these that come across your television or movies. They strike fear into the hearts of many and create an intrigue for many more to want to know how to promote their band.

Well, if you promote your metal band and you have a heavy metal poster on your wall or your bedroom window, you can be sure that others who see it are going to wonder about the imagery and how your band came to life. The best way to promote a band is to create unique imagery that speaks to the heart and mind of the people. A perfect poster is one that can stir up a debate about the images presented and can encourage people to seek more information about the artists or band.

Have you ever seen a picture of the Mona Lisa? Even though some of the aspects of the image are exaggerated, most people could still recreate the painting. The same principles apply when you are choosing images to promote a band. You need to capture the essence of the band and use creative images to explain the awesomeness of their music and the themes that are important to the people who enjoy it. One great example of a heavy metal poster is the cover of the upcoming album from Bring Me The Horizon.

The image is of a woman lying on her back with her hair flowing behind her head. There is a sword above her and she holds a lamp in one hand. It is said that this is the standard pose of a medieval damsel but the way the image has been portrayed is enough to suggest that she is a warrior princess ready for battle. It is the perfect poster for a band that wants to convey a sense of sultry romance.

Another great image comes from the soundtrack of the movie Kingpin. This time, the image is of a man with a knife over his stomach. He is brandishing the weapon as he walks away from the girl he is involved with. He is about to stab her with the knife when a car runs over him and he falls to the ground. The image points to the danger that is inherent in being involved in the life of a successful metalhead. The image is intended to send the message that even if a woman holds a great position in the band, she still has to go through the daily male rituals that are required to remain in power.

This kind of image sends many messages to viewers and it has the ability to make a heavy metal poster become a collector’s item. Even people who do not really like heavy metal will have a hard time looking the other way when they see one of these posters outside their bedroom window. A well-designed poster can become a work of art that a young person will take pride in displaying even if the young person in question happens to be the boyfriend of the band’s singer.

Metal bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Metallica have created some of the most memorable images that are associated with their music. Many fans will not only create these posters in their honor, but they will hang them on their walls so that other fans will see the image and remember where they can find their favorite band. They may even bring a replica of an image that inspired the band to create their poster. Some bands will also allow fans to use original images for their poster.

If you own a heavy metal poster of your favorite band, you are certainly not alone. Every band has their own image that is printed on their merchandise and they can never be taken for granted. A good heavy metal poster tells fans that the band gives their best every single time. It shows that even if the band itself is old, it will always have a place in fans’ hearts.

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